To protect the loss of life and property and the citizens of Milford from all types of hazards through a comprehensive Emergency Management plan involving preparedness, response, mitigation and recovery.

Emergency Management is the planning and response to major emergency situations that would have an adverse effect on the community or its residents. Such incidents may include natural and/or man made disasters involving; severe weather, flooding, Blizzards, fires, pandemics, chemical, biological, nuclear or explosive events.

All states have disasters, even New Hampshire. We have ice storms, tornadoes, floods, and power outages. It is smart to prepare for the unexpected.

Make an emergency kit:

  • Make a family communications plan
  • Make a family evacuation plan
  • Make a plan for people with in-home care needs

This brochure was designed and produced by the Community Health Institute in cooperation with New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, New Hampshire Department of Safety, and Capital Area Public Health Network. For more information about emergency preparedness, visit the following websites:


In Case of an Emergency - Call 911

Jack Kelly, Fire Chief
Emergency Management Director


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WMUR Weather
Ready New Hampshire
Federal Emergency Management Agency
National Hurricane Center
NH Bureau of Emergency Management