A Brief History of Granite Town Media


December – Our Internet streaming vender ceased operation. Purchased new equipment to live stream EDU and GOV channels as well as implement video on demand (VoD). Change improved Internet video quality and is mobile device friendly.
August – Working in conjunction with IT director, Bruce Dickerson, we now have remote access to GTM equipment located at the high school.

July/August – Recorded three part Constitution Seminar conducted by David Alcox at Hampshire Hills.

March –Policy and Procedure manual revised to include Public TV channel

February –Recorded Community Action for Safe Teens (CAST) held at the Boys and Girls club.
Jan – Purchased mobile camera kit, consisting of three remote controlled cameras and video switcher.  This will improve production value for meetings held at other locations than the BoS meeting room.


December - Tim Finan set up a Granite Town Media Facebook page: www.facebook.com/GraniteTownMedia/

October – Purchased 5 portable handheld cameras for use by high school TV production students. Student programs will be broadcast by GTM. Equipment cost is shared equally between GTM and School District.

September – Installed oval web camera in Town Hall. Camera is accessible from the Milford home page. Camera has proved to be very popular, especially during Oval events such as the Pumpkin Festival.

April – Granite Town Media Advisory Committee meetings added to GTM coverage.

April –Board of Selectman meeting room cameras upgraded. New equipment provides better image quality.


November – School District web site added to link to GTM recorded events.

June – Developed Best Practices document for televised meetings. Handed out to committee and board chairs.

March – 10 year anniversary of Granite Town Media.

October – GTM branding: each videographer issued a GTM logoed shirt. Shirts are to be worn whenever they are conducting official GTM business.

August – First Third PEG TV channel activated. It will be used primarily as a bulletin board.

August – Purchased a second Canon field camera, GTM now has the capacity to cover two simultaneous events regardless of location and three if one event is held in the BoS meeting room.

August – Purchased two Shure SCM820 audio mixers for events held at the high school. New mixer allows better control of audio quality.

April – First Time lapse camera set up to view Ambulance building construction.

November – Policy and Procedure manual for Government and Educational channels completed and approved by BoS. This completes one of the original charges to the committee.

October - Tricaster 40 purchased. This is a portable multicamera studio mixer and is able to create and insert titles.

July – Upgraded Tightrope system to 4-channels in anticipation of activating the third Comcast PEG channel.

April – Illuminated “On the Air” sign installed in BoS meeting room.

February – Installed scan converter in BoS meeting room. Converter digitally captures computer presentation resulting in much better image quality.

September – Board of Selectmen approved 7-year Comcast Franchise Agreement renewal. Same PEG capital provision as before, $75,000 spread over three years.
April – Redesigned town web site goes live, includes links to GTM live and recorded programs.
March – First live Internet streaming of Town and School District deliberative sessions. Recorded meetings are now available for viewing at any time over the Internet.
December – Mike McInerney began investigating feasibility of web based streaming and Video on Demand as another method to distribute GTM programs.
May – GTM Advisory Committee bylaws adopted.
May – Vendor selected to develop new town web site.
April – Mike McInerney replaced David Kirsch as Director of Community Media.
March – Voters approved dedicating entire Cable TV franchise fee to GTM.
February – First live broadcast of School District deliberative session.
January – Members of GTM Advisory Committee met with Board of Selectmen to discuss funding and activation of 3rd channel for public access. Board of Selectmen voted to present the following warrant to voters at the Deliberative Session.
“Shall the Town vote, pursuant to RSA 31:95-h (II), to dedicate all income derived from franchise fees being collected from cable subscribers to the Cable Access Revolving Fund, for the purpose of funding the Public Education, and Government (PEG) cable TV access program, such dedication of funds to commence on January 1, 2011.”
November – PEG Access Advisory Board unanimously approved name change to: Granite Town Media Advisory Committee.
OctoberFirst live broadcast of Milford High School varsity sports: Spartans vs. Souhegan.
OctoberFirst live broadcast of School Board meeting.
September – Installation of audio/visual cabling at Milford High School: lecture hall, café, gym, and football field press box completed. Events can now be broadcast live from multiple locations.
March – Voters approved establishment of PEG revolving fund.
March – PEG Access Board member, Tim Finan, experimentally streamed Government TV channel using the uStream service. UStream is used by other PEGs to make TV content available online.
FebruaryFirst live broadcast of Town Deliberative Session.
January – Selectmen Gary Daniels proposed Warrant article to create a PEG revolving fund. Setting up a revolving the fund allows monies not expended in one year to be carried over.
“Shall the Town vote to establish a revolving fund for providing cable access for public, educational, or governmental television use as allowed pursuant to RSA 31:95-h.”
November – PEG Access Board adopted GTM mission statement:
“The mission of Granite Town Media is to provide resources to utilize electronic media to promote awareness and encourage participation in local government and education as well as to provide a forum for community expression.”
September – Comcast Cable franchise agreement extended 3 years.
June – New GTM logo approved.
June – Town Hall wiring upgraded to allow live broadcast from Auditorium and Banquet hall. GTM programs may now be broadcast live from the Board of Selectmen meeting room, Auditorium and Banquet Hall.
April – Second PEG channel (Channel 20, Educational Access) activated.
January – High School students compete to create new GTM logo.
December – PEG Access Advisory Board adopted the name Granite Town Media for Milford’s TV and Internet program service.
November – Satellite dish installed at Milford High School to receive NASA and Bloomberg TV.
October – First live broadcast of Board of Selectmen meeting.
October – Comcast uplink capability installed in Town Hall enabling live broadcast of Town Hall meetings. This complements existing capability at the HS/ATC
May – Board of Selectmen meeting room audio/visual renovations complete.
May – David Kirsch hired as full time Director of Community Media.
January – Board of Selectmen approved making the PEG Station Manager position full time, new title is Director of Community Media.
December – First School Board meeting recorded for broadcast.
December – Board of Selectmen approved outfitting BoS meeting room with fixed cameras and microphones for better A/V quality.
March – Station Manager resigned. Until a new manager was hired, the High School TV Production teacher, Terry Toland, stepped forward and on his own time along with that of volunteer students kept the program running.
March – First Board of Selectmen meeting recorded for broadcast.
January – First PEG channel (Channel 21) activated and previously recorded Budget Committee meetings became the first programs broadcast by Milford PEG Access.
October – Cable Franchise Agreement transferred from Adelphia to Comcast.
October – First meetings recorded. Budget Committee meetings were recorded for future broadcast.
September – First station manager hired. Gerry Morin hired as part time PEG station manager.
June – First meeting of the PEG Access Advisory Board was called to order by Town Administrator Katie Chambers. The membership introduced as follows:
Gary Daniels – Selectmen and School Board representative
Rosie Deloge – School Administration Representative
Tim Finan – Resident Member
Joe Kasper – Resident Member
Deb Spratt – Town Administration Representative
Dave Godlewski – Alternate
Nolan Jones – Alternate
Michael Nelson – Alternate
The Following officers were elected:
Rosie Deloge – Chairperson
Deb Spratt – Vice-Chair
Tim Finan – Secretary
February – Board of Selectmen changed the PEG Access Committee’s charge from that of a study to an operational committee. The new committee was renamed the “PEG Access Advisory Board”.
“The PEG Access Advisory Board will be comprised of not less than seven members, to include a member of the Board of Selectmen, a School Board member, a Town Administration representative, a School Administration representative, and three interested residents of the community. The Cable Access Television Manager, employed by the Town, will be a non-voting member of the Board.”
January – PEG Access Study Committee presented the Board of Selectmen with its plan to move forward. The plan included a preliminary budget estimate, policy documents, and a job description for a part time Station Manager. The Board of Selectmen approved the plan and gave the go ahead to begin a trial run.
October – Board of Selectmen voted to appropriate up to $27,000 from the Town’s 2005 operating budget for a PEG Access program, and to authorize the expenditure of the remaining $54,400 from the Adelphia PEG equipment grant.
August – PEG Access Study Committee presented “PEG Access Study Report” to the Board of Selectmen. The Board of Selectmen accepted all of the committee’s recommendations.
April – First meeting of the PEG Access Study Committee was called to order by Town Administrator Katie Chambers. The following committee officers were elected.
Tim Finan: Chairperson.
Joe Kasper: Vice-Chair.
Terry Toland: Secretary.
March – Board of Selectmen appointed a committee to investigate requirements to implement a PEG Access system in Milford. The following individuals were appointed to the committee:
Gary Daniels
Rosie Deloge
Tim Finan
Shane Hooker
Joe Kasper
John Leslie
Joe Pellitteri
Wharton Sanders
Terry Toland
The initial charge to the committee:
1. Collect information on other active PEG Access systems/programs
2. Establish goals for PEG Access in the Town of Milford
3. Determine and develop an operations plan, policies and procedure for the three (3) legs of the PEG program (Public, Education and Government).
January – Rosie Deloge, Director of Technical Studies at the Applied Technology Center (ATC) at the Milford High School, John Leslie, ATC Steering Committee Chairman, and Tim Finan, an interested citizen, met with the Board of Selectmen to discuss beginning an effort to establish a Public Educational Government (PEG) Access program in Milford.
September – Board of Selectmen signed Cable Franchise Agreement with Adelphia Communications. Agreement contains provisions for up to three Public Access Channels and $74,400 in startup funding.