Recycling/Solid Waste Committee Charge (amended July 25, 2011):

  • Review the current needs of the Transfer Station and the potential to handle expanded recycling
  • Research options for increasing recycling within the Town of Milford
  • Set goals for achieving the recycling objective
  • Submit an impartial and unbiased recommendation to the Board of Selectmen on how best to increase recycling within the Town of Milford, with consideration given to the financial impact of the recommendation upon the taxpayer
  • Review Recycling/Solid Waste Code 5.20, and if needed, develop potential revisions and submit recommended amendments to the Board of Selectmen for consideration

Meeting Minutes      Recycling & Transfer Station

Gary Daniels | BOS Representative
Tammy Scott | Staff Participant
Gil Archambault        Term Expires 2019
Celeste Barr                Term Expires 2020

Bertram Becker         Term Expires 2018

Diane Varney-Parker Term Expires 2018

Dave Bowden             Term Expires 2020
Robert Canty             Term Expires 2018
Jerry Guthrie          Term Expires 2018
George Hoyt               Term Expires 2018 - Student Representative
Steve Trombly        Term Expires 2018
Leighton White      Term Expires 2019