The Milford Heritage Commission is a land use Board that is governed by NH Rev Statutes Title LXIV Planning and Zoning Chapter 673. This Commission is advisory in nature, whose role is to assist this community in its efforts to preserve and recognize the Heritage 
of Place, People, and Events.  We speak for the Historical Conscience of this Community.

The Heritage Commission meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at Wadleigh Memorial Library starting at 7:00PM.

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"Historic preservation is not about stopping change and is certainly not about squeezing out creative and exciting new architecture and development. Preservation allows us to retain the best of shared heritage to preserve sites of unique quality and beauty, revitalize neighborhoods, spur economic revitalization, and, quite simply, create better communities." Ken Bernstein is Director of Preservation Issues for the Los Angeles Conservancy.

Questions you should ask yourself as you consider the demolition of a Building or Structure:

  • Does the building or structure have such interest or quality that it would meet national, state or local criteria for designation as a historic, cultural, or architectural landmark?

  • Is the Building or structure of such unusual or uncommon design, texture, or materials that it could not be reproduced or only with great difficulty and expense?

  • Is the Building or structure of such architectural or historic interest that its removal would be a detriment to the public interest?

  • Would retention of the building or structure help to preserve and protect a historic place or area of historic interest in Milford?