From Board of Selectmen - 7/11/11
The BOS amended the original charge to the CFC so that the committee will stay involved in obtaining a new facility for the Ambulance Dept. through to the Town Meeting in March 2012.  While there is a general consensus that a new facility is needed, getting a bond  issue passed in the current economy will require a lot of work on behalf of all the Stakeholders. 

To accomplish a successful bond issue we propose the following: 
Phase I
Have the CFC evaluate the sites the BOS has set forth that they would like to have the CFC consider.

It is anticipated that the CFC will apply the evaluation methodology that CFC designed in evaluating sites in the past which take into consideration the critical aspects of the land and the needs of the Ambulance Dept.

Once that evaluation is complete, the CFC should be able to present its recommendations to the BOS as to the site that the CFC believes will best serve the community.  A target date for that recommendation could be August 1, 2011.  Hopefully the BOS will agree at that time to proceed with the CFC recommendation. 

Phase II
The BOS having approved of a site for the Ambulance Dept., the CFC will proceed with getting cost data and design for the specific facility using the data from our last report, other facility design and hopefully the services of professionals that have helped the CFC in the past and the knowledge of several of our committee members with experience in the planning, site and building construction. We will also be able to draw on the expertise of citizens who can not serve on the CFC because of time constraints, whom have offered to assist in construction costs estimates.

A target date for the completion of this phase should be on or about September 12, 2011 at which time the CFC will report to the BOS. If the BOS is in agreement with the CFC recommendation in Phase II then the CFC will move to Phase III.

Phase III
Phase III is expected to be a joint effort of all the Stakeholders to market the location and bond issue for an Ambulance Facility. The CFC can put together a package for use in public speaking at service clubs, budget hearings, at the transfer station, etc.

Phase IV
Stage an open house information meeting for the public with all the stakeholders participating before the deliberative session to give the public an understanding of the need and the proposed facility.

Have the CFC present at the deliberative session the Ambulance facility proposal and arrange to have other Stakeholders speak to the need and facility.

Have graphic material at the voting place entryway, to the extent permissible, to inform the voters whom we may have missed in earlier presentations.

This list is not intended to be all-inclusive but an outline of what can be done.