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Ambulance Facility Building Committee – Charge

With the approval of Warrant Article #3 – Ambulance Facility, at the 2012 Town Vote by Milford voters, the Board of Selectmen (BOS) appointed a nine member Ambulance Facility Building Committee to design and construct a new ambulance facility to replace the current outdated facility located in the basement of the Town Hall.

Prior to the Town Vote, the Community Facilities Committee (CFC), a group of Milford citizens, were given a charge to evaluate selected parcels and to present recommendations for a replacement ambulance facility. The CFC identified and recommended 66 Elm Street as the site to locate the ambulance department after evaluating numerous locations and plans.
The BOS has charged the Building Committee with insuring the facility is constructed with appropriate and quality building materials and practices, on-time and within budget. To achieve the goal of constructing a quality facility, the Building Committee will draft, approve and oversee:
  • Final design of site and facility floor plan
  • Final design of building elevations
  • Outline specifications
  • Facility design features
  • Develop and issue design and construction Request for Proposal documents
  • Selection of Design Teams and Construction Contractors
  • Oversee Design and Construction teams
The Building Committee is committed to constructing a facility that will serve the needs of the Ambulance department for the foreseeable future.