2013 Tax Maps

The Town of Milford moved to a new Tax Map format in 2009 to allow for a uniform scale across all the maps of 1" = 300'.  The Map and Lot numbers of individual lots have not changed. All maps are in PDF form. For a CD of the Tax Maps please contact the Assessing Department.

The data displayed on tax maps are a public resource of general information. The Town of Milford makes no warranty, representation or guaranty as to the content, accuracy, timeliness or completeness of any of the mapped information provided herein. The data is not intended to be used as a substitute for an on-site survey performed by a licensed surveyor.

The Town of Milford shall assume no liability for: (1) Any errors, omissions or inaccuracies in the information provided regardless how caused; or (2) Any decisions made or actions taken or not taken by the user in reliance upon any information or data furnished.

The 2013 Tax Maps were produced by the Department of Community Development in conjunction with the Assessing Department and Meridian Land Services, Inc.

When printing the Tax Maps select FIT for the size option before you print.  


Tax Map Cover Sheet 2013 
Tax Map A3 - A4Tax Map B2 - B3Tax Map B4 - C1
Tax Map C2 - C3 Tax Map C4 - C5Tax Map D1 - D2
Tax Map D3 - D4Tax Map D5 - D6Tax Map E1 - E2
Tax Map E3 - E4Tax Map E5 - E6Tax Map E7 - F1
Tax Map F2 - F3Tax Map F4 - F5Tax Map F6 - F7
Tax Map G1 - G2Tax Map G3 - G4Tax Map G5 - G6
Tax Map G7 - H1Tax Map H2 - H3Tax Map H4 - H5
Tax Map H6 - H7Tax Map I1 - I2Tax Map I3 - I4
Tax Map I5 - I6Tax Map I7 - J1Tax Map J2 - J3
Tax Map J4 - J5Tax Map J6 - J7Tax Map J8 - K1
Tax Map K2 - K3Tax Map K6 - K7Tax Map K8 - L2
Tax Map L3 - L6Tax Map L7 - M2Tax Map M3 - M6