Printable Brochure of Recyclables


Recycle Mixed Paper - Magazines, newspapers and inserts, phone books, junk mail, paper tubes, non-corrugated cardboard, printed cardboard, envelopes, clean food containers. No foil, carbon or plastic coated paper, tissues or napkins

Clean Plastic Bottles - empty and rinsed milk jugs, soda bottles, colored laundry detergent bottles, with lids and caps removed, All plastic bottles are recyclable if they have the following recycling symbols on the bottom: 1 PETE | 2 HDPE

Note: #3 thru 7 inside the recycling symbol are NOT currently recyclable in our program.

No plastic toys.  No yogurt, cottage cheese, pudding or foam containers.

Co-mingled Recyclables ( Plastic bottles and Metal cans) are deposited on shelf of recycling building.

Clean Glass Bottles - Empty and rinsed with lids and caps removed, place in hoppers at designated location.  Also accept ceramic plates, mugs, crockery, broken glass, window panes, Pyrex, mirrors, crystal and porcelain sinksand  toilets with metal fixtures removed.

Mixed Metals - Cast Iron, Aluminum, Copper, and other metals are recycled.  Remove doors on refrigerators and plastic racks from dishwashers. Leave on right hand front side of Transfer Building.

Metals cans: Aluminum and steel/tin cans emptied and rinsed, labels removed.

Co-mingled Recyclables ( Plastic bottles and Metal cans) are deposited on shelf of recycling building.

No aerosol cans and No aluminum foil and food trays

Corrugated Cardboard - A separate compactor accepts Corrugated Cardboard - dry and flattened.  Do not deposit styro-foam;  wood, shiny cardboard, or wax-coated boxes.

Brown Paper Bags  - Clean and Dry, may be recycled in cardboard compactor.

Also Collected and Recycled  Fluorescent Light  Bulbs, Household Batteries, Computer Cartridges, Cell Phones. Please place in designated boxes near Cardboard recycling.

Composting - Recycle leaves and grass clippings at designated location.  Empty out all bags.

Woody Brush less than 5" in diameter is accepted and converted to wood chips.

Finished compost available FREE for taking.

Wood chips are FREE for residents to take.