What kinds of legal issues can the Senior Law Project help with?

Lawyers and Paralegals on the Senior Law Project help seniors with various civil matters affecting individuals 60 years and older.

The following legal problems are among those typically faced by our clients:

Consumer Debt Collections/Financial Exploitation
Housing/Property Taxes
Nursing Home/Assisted Living Transfer Discharge
Social Security Denials
Medicaid Denials

Consumer Debt/Collection Financial Exploitation:

Harassing phone calls and or letters from debt collectors
Unfair and deceptive practices by debt collectors
Lawsuits filed by creditors or debt collectors
Protected income exempt from collection: Social Security/SSI benefits, unemployment compensation and more
Improper use of and elder's funds or property

Housing/Property Taxes:

Evictions/unsafe conditions
Housing Discrimination issues
Section 8 or public housing terminations/denials
Mortgage foreclosure
Mobile home park issues
Property tax relief

Nursing Home/Assisted Living:

Nursing home/assisted living resident's rights
Transfer or discharges from a current facility

Public Benefits:

Social Security/SSI
State Disability Benefits (APTD)
Unemployment Compensation
Food Stamps
Town/City Welfare

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