McLane and Goldman Dam Removal Feasibility Study


Project Update - Dam Removal Feasibility Study - April 2013 Report

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Area History and Project Scope

The Souhegan River has been an integral part of Milford even prior to its incorporation in 1794.  Over the years the citizens of Milford have utilized this waterway for fishing, pre-industrial power for mills, and a multitude of recreational activities including swimming and boating.

Recently the town of Milford has undertaken a project to determine if it is feasible, prudent, and cost effective to remove two dams along Milford’s stretch of the Souhegan.  These dams are believed to be a significant contributing factor in recent flood related damage to the Woodland Heights Apartments, the Boys and Girls Club building, and the buildings along the western side of the Oval.  In addition to contributing to risk to Milford residents and their property these dams require ongoing upkeep and maintenance costs that are expended in perpetuity.  Also, these structures inhibit the ability of fish to move naturally up and downstream and cause water quality issues within the impoundments.

The McLane Dam was originally constructed in 1846, and the Goldman Dam in 1810.  At this time neither of these dams produces electricity, and an independent study have shown that their ability to produce cost effective power is highly unlikely.  The McLane Dam is owned by the town of Milford, and the Goldman Dam is owned via inheritance by a minor living out of state.  The town has been working with the estate that is managing the minor’s interests and it has authorized the town to act on its behalf in this endeavor.  The estate does not have sufficient funds to conduct the needed repairs to the Goldman Dam.

At this time we are only in Phase I of the project which consists of a dam removal feasibility study. Once the study is completed and assessed, all information will be shared with the public and the decision will be made whether or not to move forward with removing the dam(s).  Funding for Phase I has already been secured via predominantly grant-related sources. If the dam removal option is selected then Phase II would begin – the Design and Permitting Phase. The goal of Phase II would be the development of engineering plans, construction-ready site plans, and all the required permits for initiating dam removal and river restoration.  If Phase II proves successful the town will move into the third and final phase – Phase III - Dam Removal.

We thank you in advance for your consideration and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Administration Department at 249-0600 ext. 200 or via email at Thank you.


Historical and Archeological Considerations of the Project Area 

As part of the Feasibility Study the project area is being reviewed by the NH Department of Historical Resources as well as an independent archeological consulting firm.  While no conclusions have been drawn yet, the linked document will provide a history of the aspect of the project to date.

10-07-01 Request for Project Review to NHDHR - McLane and Goldman Final Submission

10-07-21 Request for Project Review to NHDHR McLane and Goldman Final Submission with NHDHR Response 

10-09-21 PAL Scope of Work Phase IA Archeology Individual Inventory Form 

10-10-21 NHDHR Approval of Scope of Work for Phase IA and Individual Inventory Forms 

11-06-07 Milford Dams NHDHR Cover Letter 

11-06-10 McLane Goldman Dams NHDHR Inventory Forms Cover Letter 

11-06-10 McLane Goldman Dams NHDHR Inventory Forms Goldman 

11-06-10 McLane Goldman Dams NHDHR Inventory Forms McLane 

11-06-14 NHDHR Phase IA Assessment Response 

11-07-01 DHR July 1 2011 Letter on Eligibility 

11-08-01 McLane  Goldman Dam Integrity Assessment 

11-08-11 NOAA Rebut to NHDHR Inquiry 

11-09-08 2506 McLane and Goldman Dams NHDHR Letter to NOAA 

12-02-03 PAL Phase 1A Archeological Survey Results Summary Report 


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