South Street Renovation Project

On Wednesday, July 6th, the South Street project contractor will be paving South Street between Clinton Street and the Nashua Street Oval.  Alternating one-way traffic set-ups will be in place for the majority of each of these days.  Traffic will be controlled by flaggers and Milford police details.

Access to your residence/business will be maintained with only brief interruptions as the paving machine and rollers travel past your driveway.


Snow Removal Parking Ban

The Snow Removal Parking Ban system will be operational each year from November 15th through the following April 15th.  When winter weather conditions are predicted in that timeframe, appropriate town personnel will evaluate the forecast each day and consider if any clean up measures may be needed overnight.  If it is determined that clean up will be required during that following night the Snow Removal Winter Parking Ban (the Ban) will be put into effect.