2014  4th Saturday Hike Schedule

 Next 4th Saturday Hike is August 23rd at the Mile Slip Town Forest  (# 6 on adjacent map). Meet at 9:00am at the parking area near the end of Mile Slip Road. There are several new trails which we will explore.  The loop will be walked in such a way that hikers may easily return to their car if they don't want to continue.  We hope you can join us!

Milford's Trails:   Please feel free to select the following links,  download, and print the trail maps.  You may also obtain a booklet which includes the trail maps and information at the Conservation Commission office for $2.00. The operation of motorized wheeled vehicles is prohibited on all Commission trails in Milford. Operators of motorized wheeled vehicles must have written permission by the landowner before using trails on private land.

1. Emerson Park Trail; Short trail along the Souhegan River beginning in Emerson Park located beside the Milford Post Office running west along the Souhegan River and ending in the grounds of the Souhegan Valley Boys and Girls Club. A very easy walk and delightfully pleasant.  If you wish to continue, the trail continues as the Souhegan River Trail.  Until blazing is in place - follow the footpath along the river behind the Souhegan Valley Boys and Girls Club.  Continue past the Judd Gregg Bridge on the gravel path bordered by a stockade fence.  At the sidewalk on Mont Vernon Street, turn left continuing on the sidewalk until you reach the MCAA sports fields.  The trail continues from the back right (southwest) corner of the fields where there is a hiking sign.

2. Mayflower Hill Trail; Identified by signs, the two entrances to this 42 acre conservation land provide access to well used trails. One entrance is on Shady Lane and the other is located at the end of Falconer Avenue Extension. The main trail is circular and leads to Look-Out Point and passes an old granite quarry operation. The area provides a leisurely walk in a quiet setting in spite of being surrounded by development and very close to the town center. (See also:  8. Patch Hill Section  and 9. Amherst to Milford via Patch Hill)

3. Hitchiner Town Forest Trail; This property is located at the end of Mullen Road off Osgood Road. A large pavilion stands near the parking lot. The well-marked trail includes Burns Hill. The top of the hill is not on town property but forms part of the trail with permission of the owner and provides for excellent views. There are several old logging roads and ski-mobile trails which add to the accessibility of the land. This land is classified as Town Forest. Further trail expansion is planned with monies coming from the sale of timber.

4. Tucker Brook Trail; This 258 acre conservation property provides good hiking opportunities. There are three entrances from either Boulder Drive, Savage Road or Whitten Road. The property contains forest, pine groves, beaver ponds, large wetland areas and Tucker Brook Falls, located on Tucker Brook which runs through the property. There is also the remains of an old mill along this brook.  Tucker Brook also has a Permanent  Orienteering Course . Video

5. Souhegan River Trail; This trail runs along the Souhegan River, but is not continuous. The eastern portion of the trail is accessed from the MCAA fields on North River Rd or at Emerson Park.  The Emerson Park Trail is the start of the Souhegan River Trail East.  Hikers can do an out-and-back 1.7 mile hike to Souhegan Gardens greenhouses.  The western section of the trail is accessed from a parking lot near 544 North River Rd.  This section is an out-and-back along the Souhegan River for about 1 mile.  This portion of the trail is very seasonal, sections are often under water when the Souhegan River is running high.  

6. Mile Slip Town Forest Trails; Directions to Mile Slip Town Forest: Head west from the Oval and make the immediate left onto Union St., drive 0.6 miles and turn right onto Osgood Rd. Continue 0.7 miles and turn right onto Mason Rd. (Osgood Pond will be on your right). Drive 2.3 miles, turn left onto Mile Slip Rd. The parking lot for this town forest is just over 2 miles on the right. [All trails remain closed to motorized wheeled vehicles indefinitely.]
The Mile Slip Town Forest is as close to wilderness as you can get in Milford. This area has many natural resource features in addition to being a great place to recreate. Wildlife, including bears, bobcat and moose, use this part of town. It connects to nearly 7,000 acres of undeveloped land in Brookline, Mason, Wilton and Milford. On March 8, 2005 the 75% of citizens voting in Milford agreed to purchase this 452 acre parcel. The closing on the property was August 24th of 2005.

7. Granite-Town Rail Trail; This nearly 3 mile trail runs from the DPW Garage on 283 South St., crosses Union St., goes under Rt. 101, across Armory Rd., Melendy Rd. and on to the Brookline Town line at the power lines. The trail continues another 4 miles in Brookline. There are 2 parking areas in Milford, South St just north of the DPW garage and on Armory Rd. Brookline built a parking lot on Rt. 13

8.  Mayflower -Patch Hill

9.  Amherst to Milford via Patch Hill

Conservation Lands Management Committee   

In June of 2007 the Conservation Commission established a Trails Committee to manage public uses on conservation lands. Learn more about the Committee, volunteer opportunities and the Milford Trails Manual.  Call us at 603-249-0628.

Existing & Future Trails Map - Presents an overview of the existing trail system and connections along with conceptual plans for possible future expansion of the system.