Fletcher’s Paint Works Community - Updated 5-3-2016

General Electric (GE) and their contractor, Maxymillian, have started the excavation and off-site disposal of soils contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) at the Mill Street and Elm Street areas of the Fletcher’s Paint Works Site. EPA is committed to completing this cleanup project in a timely manner, but first and foremost, wants to ensure the safety of surrounding residents during the cleanup. Below you will find links to documents regarding the project.


Brox Community Lands RFP

The Town of Milford owns an approximate 145 acre parcel formerly part of the Brox sand and gravel excavation site.  In March 2016, the residents of Milford approved a Town warrant that authorizes the excavation and sale of sand and gravel from the site.  The Town is seeking proposals from qualified firms to operate its sand and gravel mining and pit reclamation program on a portion of the area designated as the Community Lands section of the Brox Property.

Commemorative Brick Project 2016

Honor your family, ancestors, loved ones or special event by donating a Commemorative Brick engraved with your special customized message that will remain a permanent part of our historic town in the beautiful  downtown Milford Oval  area!

It has been 20 years since the Oval area’s beautiful brickwork was laid, and some of the bricks are showing their age and the metal edging has become a  tripping hazard. In order to address these safety issues, the time has come to remove, regrade, and re-install the bricks and to replace the  edging.