Snow Removal Parking Ban Regulations &
Frequently Asked Questions

In November of 2012 Milford amended its regulations regarding parking during the snow removal season. This new initiative was begun to create a better balance between the needs of parking motorists and the necessity of snow removal operations. 

The Snow Removal Parking Ban system will be operational each year from November 15th through the following April 15th.  When winter weather conditions are predicted in that timeframe, appropriate town personnel will evaluate the forecast each day and consider if any clean up measures may be needed overnight.  If it is determined that clean up will be required during that following night the Snow Removal Winter Parking Ban (the Ban) will be put into effect. 

When the Ban is in effect it is illegal for any vehicles to be parked on, or adjacent to, any public roadway or street between the hours of 1:00 am and 6:00 am.  During the Ban it is also illegal to park in most* of town-owned/maintained public parking lots (i.e., on Putnam Street Lot, Police Station parking area, the Wadleigh Library Lot, all other municipal building lots, etc.) between the hours of 1:00 am and 6:00 am.  During the Ban if vehicles are parked in any of these areas they will be subject to fines and in addition the vehicle may be being towed without notice and at the owner’s expense for tow charges and possible vehicle storage fees, as determined necessary by town personnel (see Milford’s web site - Milford Municipal Code Appendix B - Finesfor details).

If the Ban is put into effect public notice will be given by no later than 4 pm for that coming night.  Please note that although weather conditions may improve the following day(s) after the initial weather event, the Ban may potentially remain active for the next night, and/or for additional consecutive nights, to allow for continuing clean up operations.  If the Ban is in effect over several days, the notifications will continue to show that the Ban is in effect between the hours of 1:00 am and 6:00 am.

There are several ways the public will be notified that the Ban is currently in effect:

·       Web Site- A notice will be posted on the front page of Milford’s official web site ( and will appear in an off-white box, with a bold red border located directly under the dark green main menu bar that lists ‘Town’, ‘Departments’, ‘Residents’, ‘Business’.

·       TV Broadcast- A constant streaming notice will display on Milford’s PEG Access channels (Comcast Cable channels 20 and 21) along the bottom of the screen in a black bar with white text. A full screen ‘bulletin board’ type message will periodically be viewable amongst the other full screen messages in a rotating schedule.  The bulletin board message will show a winter scene and will have the notification text in it.

·       Lighted Visual Signal- A blinking amber light located on the front face of Town Hall (with your back to the Oval, the light is on the left side of the front of Town Hall) will be lit when the Ban is in effect, and will remain lit until the current Ban period is no longer in effect.

·       Automated Notification to Personal Mobile Devices via Nixle Service- Notification will be sent to anyone with a mobile device who has signed up with Milford’s community notification program utilized through NixleNixle is a free notification service that the town has partnered with that sends emergency information to its subscribers as needed.  When users subscribe to this service they designate by what means they receive emergency/urgent information (to a mobile phone, via email, or over the web). This service will send a notice that the Ban is in effect, but will also notify of any developing emergency situations (flooding, hurricanes, emergency evacuations, etc.). The service is free and subscriber info/email addresses/mobile numbers and/or your personal information will not be sold to third parties.

For more details on the benefits of using Nixle and how to subscribe please see the town’s web site at Fire Department/Office of Emergency Management/Community Notification Program via Nixle.

For specific details or questions regarding  Milford’s community notification program utilized through Nixle, please contact the Fire Department /Office of Emergency Management at 249-0680.

·       Notification via Facebook- Notification will be posted on Milford Fire Department’s Facebook page. Please “Like” the page to be connected.

While the Snow Removal Parking Ban is in effect these communication streams shall maintain/display the Snow Removal Parking Ban notice.  Once it is determined that snow removal has been completed the notice will be removed from the web site, notification will be sent via the phone/email based information service, and the indication light on Town Hall will be shut off.

The following is an example of how the Ban would work for a large scale snow storm:

Monday afternoon (2:00 pm)– town personnel review the weather forecast that gives a 100% chance of Milford receiving 4” to 6” of snow, starting Monday night at 11 pm, and determine that the Ban should be put into effect.

Monday afternoon (on or before 4:00 pm)– the Ban notice is posted on multiple venues informing residents that it will be illegal to park on streets or in public parking lots late Monday night/early Tuesday morning from 1:00 am to 6:00 am.

Very early Tuesday morning (1:00 am)- it is now illegal to park on streets or in public parking lots until Tuesday morning at 6:00 am.

Early Tuesday morning (4:00 am)– the snow storm intensifies and it is predicted to snow throughout Tuesday bringing an additional 4” to 6”.  Based on the forecast town personnel determine that the Ban needs to remain in effect for an additional night.  The public notification remains posted indicating the Ban is in effect.

Tuesday morning (6:00 am)– all streets and parking lots reopen to vehicles for parking, and will remain open until 1:00 am, very early Wednesday morning.

Tuesday during the day – work crews continue to remove snow, and if needed, and if parked vehicles are in an area they need to remove snow from personnel work around the parked vehicles (no fines or towing will take place). The snow stops accumulating, but it is confirmed that more night crew clean up is still required to finalize removal.

Very early Wednesday morning (1:00 am)– the Ban is still in effect and it is again illegal to park on streets or in public parking lots until 6:00 am.  Work crews continue through the night and the clean-up is completed.

Wednesday morning (6:00 am)– all streets and parking lots reopen for vehicle parking, and will remain open until another weather event.  The Ban is no longer in effect and notices are removed and/or notification is sent out indicating the Ban is no longer in effect.

* The municipal parking lot located on Garden Street is specifically exempt from the Snow Removal Parking Ban and overnight parking during snow removal is allowed.

However, it is extremely important to note that the Garden Street Municipal Lot and Police Station parking are completely segregated areas and have separate entrances designated by separate entrance signs – there is no access to the Garden Street Lot via the Police Station entrance/parking area.  Use of the Police Station parking area is restricted to police business only and parking in this location during the Ban is ILLEGAL and subject to towing and fines as noted above. The Police Station is operational 24/7 and non-police business vehicles illegally parked in the lot will be noted immediately and towed.

For the complete language of this regulation please see the town’s web site for  Milford Municipal Code 6.24.110 - Winter Parking Hours.