2015 Planning Board Distinguished Site Award

The Town of Milford has a vibrant business community, which significantly contributes to the character of Milford. In an attempt to recognize some of our outstanding local businesses the Milford Planning Board would like to invite you to take this opportunity to nominate one of our local businesses for a Distinguished Site of the Year Award. Winners will be honored at the December, 2015 Planning Board meeting and through the local media.

Brox Community Land Exccavation & Reclaimation Project

The Town of Milford owns an approximate 145 acre parcel formerly part of the Brox sand and gravel excavation site.  In March 2016, the residents of Milford approved a Town warrant that authorizes the excavation and sale of sand and gravel from the site.  The Town is seeking proposals from qualified firms to operate its sand and gravel mining and pit reclamation program on a portion of the area designated as the Community Lands section of the Brox Property.